Young Adults

Young Adults

Did you also think you were the only young Catholic person living in Prague? GREAT NEWS! You’re not alone! #blessed

The Catholic Young Adult group at St. Thomas is very active and welcoming to all! We (re)started meeting in the fall of 2021 and are continually growing. Many of our members are from or are living and working in the Czech Republic, while others are just here studying for a semester or two. Regardless of your situation, we are happy to meet you!

At our first CYA Christmas party, we had so many attendees that more than 20 different countries (every continent except Antarctica) were represented! 

We meet for discussions at bi-weekly “Faith Cafe” nights on Thursdays, volunteer events, game nights, dinners, retreats, and more. Sometimes if we’re lucky, our St. Thomas monastery priests provide us with beer… after all, we do live in Prague! Na zdravĂ­!

Make sure you don’t miss out on our next fun event by following us on Instagram at @stthomascyaprague or on Facebook at St. Thomas Catholic Young Adults or emailing us at [email protected]